Plant Delivery Areas - Rates and Prices explained

Online Plant Delivery  - Rates and Prices explained

We can organise Plant Delivery outside the Sunshine Coast - if your area is not on the list at checkout let us know and we can get back to you with a Quote based on your Quantity and how efficiently we can get your load packed 

The more plants we can pack on the Trolley or Pallet the better the economics of Plant Delivery will be 

Pre loaded Prices at the check out are based on Per Trolley rate.

There are times that you may order more than a trolley and we can provide a quote based on the Per Pallet rate - if you add your items to the cart then hit us up and we will get back to you with the most economical options 

Please NOTE we dont charge your credit card payment until we make contact with you and confirm the load and stock availability

Examples of how many plants you can fit on a trolley

on average depending on the size (height) of the plant we can fit between 12-15 Nursery trays of plants on a trolley

we load the following plant numbers into each nursery tray

  • 12 x 140mm Plants
  • 5 x 200mm Plants
  • 3 x 250mm Plants

we can work out for you the most economical way to get the plants to you once you have completed the order online 

and remember, we dont charge your card until we confirm the order with you

Examples of how many plants you can fit on a Pallet would be 

  • 13 x 400mm Pots
  • 25 x 300mm Pots
  • 40 x 250mm Pots
  • 60 x 200mm Pots 

we can also pack mixed pallets and trolleys using the biggest plants on the base load and packing the smaller ones around and inside the gaps on the pallets.

All Deliveries are to Kerb Side only 

Plants are Delivered using specialised Plant Couriers and all plants are maintained along the journey of getting from our Nursery to your place

All Pots are to be transported & Delivered using the Pallet rates in the shipping at the cart

Steel garden edging is delivered using a seperate transport company to plants & Pots 

we can call you to discuss shipping options once you have placed an order.

If you have any Questions about Plant Deliveries please hit us up using the chat button and we can get back to you with more details 

Kindest Regards

Jason Kay